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Xenosaga 30 Day Meme
Day 17: Favorite song?

  • “Godsibb” from Xenosaga III
    Composed by Kajiura Yuki
    [Video Credit]

“Godsibb” is honestly one of the most beautiful battle themes I have ever heard, and the piece instantly became my favorite when it made its first appearance in the game. I always enjoy listening to the song now, and there have been many days when I would just listen to it over and over.

Other favorites from the series, even though the OSTs are all fantastic:

  • Albedo’s Theme
    Hfieahfoeahfioea, this music just adds so much to that infamous scene. Without it, the scene really wouldn’t be the same.
  • Song of Nephilim
    Even though I initially felt creeped out hearing this song in the background repeatedly, there’s just something so beautiful and enticing about it.
  • Space Time Anomaly
    All my feelings for that last run-through with Jr., on the way to Albedo. ;A;
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